3.160 tech, meeting

Wednesday 04/11/2022

Went for a walk in the morning. At 10:30 I had a date with Grace to talk about phones. She considers me her personal expert on phone stuff. She’s thinking about changing carriers to T-Mobile because of all the dropped calls she has with AT&T. She had one interesting bit of info: she called AT&T customer service and the service person looked up her location and told her, there was an AT&T antenna on Homer st. (next to our building) and one on University ave (4 blocks away), but the one on Homer had been inoperative for a year. Aha! It’s been about a year that she (and others here) have had problems with reception. I seconded her plan to switch, agreeing with her that she had nothing to lose, she wouldn’t be any worse off certainly.

My neighbor Caroline had asked to borrow my X-acto knife to cut a matte for a picture. This turned into a major project, she and I took the large matte and the picture up to the artist workroom on 11 and spent an hour hacking away with two box-cutters to neatly enlarge the opening in the matte.

At 4:45 it was time for the monthly floor meeting and dinner. No real news except that Jerry is handing over floor rep. duties to — Caroline. No issues with that, but he claimed he announced that at the last meeting and I was there and don’t remember it. Whatever. In casual chat with Doctor Margaret I learned that beta-blockers such as Metropolol can have mood-altering side-effects. Hmmm. I haven’t communicated it much here, but I’ve been feeling kind of stressed and low in spirit for some time. Hmmmm.

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