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Tuesday 04/10/2022

First thing, I needed to finish preparing my section of books for the FOPAL sale weekend. That was work I couldn’t finish yesterday owing to have to start a meeting. I went down there at 8:30 and finished in less time than I’d thought, so I didn’t have to miss the writers meeting after all. Although I had nothing to contribute.

At 12:30 I joined Patty for lunch. I wanted to talk to her about the status of the Heritage Circle grant: how the ICS quote was lacking in details and what could be done about that. I am not feeling comfortable about getting that grant through this year. Besides making sure that it represents good equipment that can be used for years without cursing, the grant application itself needs to be “vetted” by another party before submission. Patty thinks the appropriate vetting group is the RA executive committee. But they won’t meet again until June, I said. So you better be talking to Carol (the President) about a special meeting, says Patty. Have I ever mentioned that Patty’s last working job was running the local branch of Habitat for Humanity for several years? An experienced manager and not fond of bullshit.

Then it was time to board the bus for a tour of Hidden Villa. This was organized by Stew, a neighbor who is a docent there. It was nicely done, although certainly I didn’t learn anything as I have seen farms before. Been nuzzled by sheep before, too. Anyway, back on the bus at 3:45 and just barely back to CH in time to start a zoom meeting for Mary. She’s the floor rep for the 9th floor and wanted to hold their monthly floor meeting on zoom. Other people might have had their own zoom account or known someone who did, but she didn’t, and wanted a meeting longer than 40 minutes, so as the A/V committee person I got to do that.

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