3.158 meeting, fopal, quote

Monday 04/09/2022

Resident association meeting at 9am. Zoom-only instead of in the auditorium because we are having an outbreak. Not a bad one, in fact the afternoon Covid letter said we had one new staff case, had cleared 4 prior cases, net 3 cases. So progress. Nothing special about the RA meeting.

I have a request from Barbara, because all our meetings are supposed to be zoom (see Outbreak), to provide a zoom setting for her committee meeting. So I have to be back here to start a meeting using our channing house pro account, before 2pm. Meantime it is already 10:30 and I need to prepare my FOPAL section for sale weekend. So I buzz off to FOPAL, thinking this will be easy, I was here on Friday and got a head start. Not. There were four boxes of books, and by the time I finished pricing and shelving them, it was after 1pm and I needed to grab some lunch at the store and back to CH to start Barbara’s meeting. So I didn’t get my section ready on Monday as I’m supposed to; I will have to go back tomorrow, which means skipping the writers group again. I am thinking about dropping the writers group anyway.

Started Barbara’s meeting, made her host when she logged in, then had nothing to do except copious email. One of which was from Vanessa, with the quote from ICS about the auditorium upgrade. It was extremely short of details and vague except in everything except the price. I wrote back to her pointing out a couple of really critical details they had omitted. As it stands, I could not recommend that proposal for Heritage Circle funding.

I spent some time dithering over the CHM volunteer sign-up page trying to decide what shifts I wanted to work. They are now opening 5 days a week, which means they need 10 public tour guides a week plus a couple of private tours on average, which is a lot of docents. Finally settled on next Sunday 12pm for docenting, and Thursday at Yosemite as usual. But if the artifact work doesn’t get more interesting…

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