3.157 docent, dinner

Sunday 04/08/2022

Left at 10am to buy some groceries and then go to the Computer Museum, arriving about 11:15. I had the 12pm docent tour. About 20 people, and kept most of them to the end.

Back home, today, Mother’s Day, was one where the dining staff takes the afternoon off. One picks up a brown-bag supper after lunch. Times past, the 6th floor has met in our dining room to picnic but I hadn’t seen any email to that effect so about 5 I at my sack supper. Then a little later, I learned that there was a sign on the bulletin board, picnic at 6pm. Who looks at bulletin boards? Anyway, I took a glass of wine and went to the dining room and sat at the table with 8 others while they ate.

One idea broached was, maybe dining services should take one short day a week, or a month, providing a sack supper and going home early. This will be proposed to the Food and Dining Committee. In the meantime, the 6th floor on our own, will order our Sunday night suppers for carry-out (which one can do) and picnic on a regular basis.

There was also a strong suggestion from several that I schedule a private docent tour four our floor soon.

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