3.156 quiet Saturday

Saturday 04/07/2022

During the day, off and on, I worked on the T-bird model. I almost ruined it. I was about to spray clear coat on it when I noticed I had gotten a little smudge of chrome on the body paint. OK no problem, that’s just why I had saved the last dregs of the dying pearl-pink spray can in a bottle. I’ll just touch it up with a little dab on a tiny brush. Hah. Turns out, the liquid carrier of the pearl pink spray is a ferocious thinner for that paint. As soon as I wiped a tiny drop of the saved paint onto the little spot of chrome paint, it dissolved the chrome paint and made a chrome-pink blotch. As I tried to brush that out, it dissolved the pink under it — which had been dry for a week and had no business going soft so quick — exposing the white of the plastic underneath. After a pause to panic I managed to use a dry brush to bring the color back over the white and now it only looks like a little spot of leprosy in certain angles of light. After that dried I coated the body and hood in several coats of clear and after I polish that, it will be fine. Sure. As long as the driver’s side is turned toward the wall.

At 1pm I walked up Homer avenue through the Children’s Parade finish area, which was also a small show of classic cars. There were three T-birds out of 25 or so cars, but two were ’57s and one a ’55. But I took a couple of pics of the 55 for reference.

From there I walked over to the campus and watched the first half of a softball game. Stanford was getting pasted 5-0 by the Oregon Ducks so I left before the end and walked home.

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