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Wednesday 04/04/2022

First thing was to drive to PAMF Sunnyvale at 8am to have some blood drawn. When I saw DiBiase a week ago, she ordered some standard blood work, and this is me finally getting around to having it done. Results came in later in the day; BUN and creatinine are high, indicating some kidney issue (could it be the effect of processing the CT contrast fluid? but that was about 40 hours previous). Red blood cell, hemoglobin, and hematocrit are all marginally low but that is consistent over the past couple of years.

Home again in good time to do my bi-weekly laundry. While that was running I took a tech squad call. Grace has a consistent problem with dropped calls. She has AT&T and the same iPhone as mine, and often incoming calls go to her message without the phone ringing at all. I demonstrated that, standing there with a phone in each hand, calling from mine and twice it went to message. My advice was there was nothing the tech squad could do, this is between her and AT&T. She doesn’t feel strong enough to walk alone to the AT&T office on University; I studiously avoided volunteering to accompany her. Later in the day I emailed the tech squad list about this. Peter reported he has AT&T and the exact same problem.

Thing is she has wi-fi enabled and wi-fi calling enabled, and it doesn’t help. Ditto Peter. I think wi-fi calling is only of use for outgoing calls. Maybe for SMS. Anyway I noticed when in her apartment, on the West side, my T-Mobile signal strength was way higher than in my East-side apartment. So that’s another variable.

At 2pm I drove to the museum to lead a custom tour, MBA students from McGill? or some such university. Meh.

For my afternoon amusement I read the background material for tomorrow’s Strategic Planning Committee meeting.

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