3.154 Shustek, meeting

Thursday 04/05/2022

Tidied the place for the cleaning lady as usual. Then drove around the Bay to the Shustek center. Had a few too many volunteers and not enough to do, for once. Steve and Dave B. spent the day cataloging somebody’s collection of very early transistors and diodes. Really. I made up boxes, folding archival banker’s boxes from flats, and not much else. Left early so as to be in time for the Strategic Planning Committee. The Strategic Plan is in pretty good shape and actually reads like a policy now. No credit to me; most of the work has been done by others. This was basically a group editing session. My only contribution was to point out two typos and suggest some wording in another clause.

After dithering about various methods of applying chrome to tiny features of the T-bird I decided to try the decals in the kit, which looked pretty good on close inspection. And yes, they look not bad at all. I put on the decals on one side and left them to dry. I’ll put on the other side tomorrow. I’ll take a picture then.

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