3.152 fopal, Jean, covid

Tuesday 04/03/2022

Today I needed to go to FOPAL. I’ve been going on Mondays, but didn’t go yesterday owing to having to get the CT scan. I knew there would be a heap of boxes to process. But I also had a date with sis-in-law Jean for after lunch, so had to go in the morning, meaning I had to miss the writers group.

There were indeed a heap of boxes, 8 in all, and it took 3 hours to go through them and price the keepers. Then I got a small lunch at the grocery next door, and then went on down to Jean’s in Mountain View. She was having some trouble with her Mac and I managed to resolve most of the problems.

In the afternoon came an email from staff: another staff member with a positive test for Covid. Yesterday they had announced another staff and one resident, saying “As of today, we have 5 active Covid cases in staff and 1 active resident case. This is considered a Covid outbreak.” Today, with one more staff member, they say “we recommend that resident meetings be held by Zoom, where possible, to minimize opportunities for exposure.” Which means the resident association meeting next Monday will be zoom-only, after just two in the auditorium. Ho-hum.

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