3.151 event, ct

Monday 04/02/2022

Went for the standard walk, which felt fine (no unusual fatigue). At 9:30 I went down to the auditorium to set up for an event. This was an easy one, a talk by Professor Patnode, who has lectured here often. He never has computer slides, just wants a whiteboard and a lectern. No zoom complications.

I had messed up my timing; I was scheduled for a CT scan at 2:30 and the instructions were no eating for 3 hours previous. By the time the event was over my lunch window had closed. But they said liquids were OK so I had half a protein shake.

The CT was uneventful. It took a lot less time than the recent MRI. The contrast injection was just as weird as ever. Within a couple of seconds of when they put the contrast in, you get a metallic taste on the back of your tongue, and some of your extremities get a warm flush. OK, my ball sack got a warm flush. Anyway, nothing more medical until 5/16 when I meet with a doctor to discuss the TAVR. Well, actually, I belatedly remembered that Dr. Dibiase ordered a couple of routine blood tests. So I scheduled those tonight, for Wednesday morning.

I put in a little more work on the T-bird engine, and printed a couple of new pictures for my hallway display. Here’s one I printed today. It’s one of my favorites, a lucky shot from a boat on the Grand Canal in Venice.

Woman on cell phone in boat

This was taken 20+ years ago. You can’t tell in this reduced version, but at full res you can see she is talking on a flip phone; iPhones were 7 years ahead. It always tickles me, this gal charging down the canal in her motorboat, cutting between the water taxis and gondolas, one hand on the tiller and the other holding the phone. Just another day in Venice.

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