3.148 ebay, meeting

Friday 04/29/2022

Took the walk. Stopped by Ace hardware to buy this and that. Experimented with trying to use silver leaf as chrome. Some time ago I bought a pack of silver leaf to use for pretend chrome on models. It’s this insanely thin metal foil. If there’s a draft, or you breathe on it, it flutters and crumples. You make a pattern with glue (called “size”) on an object. You press the foil on it and it sticks to the glue, then you can use a brush to just brush it away from wherever there wasn’t glue, leaving a metal pattern. So I am trying to figure out how to apply size to just the raised parts, of tiny raised details on a car model. In theory it should be possible to make just the raised bits, like the little hash marks on the T-bird (see a couple days back) covered in shiny foil. Not having much success on scrap parts. Don’t have the right size stuff, haven’t figured out a good technique for transferring size to just the raised bits.

Come 4pm it was time for the A/V committee to convene, which we did. All upcoming events assigned to stalwart volunteers. Outstanding problems discussed. And now I am done with obligations until a docent tour on Sunday. Whee.

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