3.149 art

Saturday 04/30/2022

The main thing today was to attend the Shipyard Artists open studio day at Hunter’s Point. I enjoyed this a lot. Here are some pictures I took, just a very few of the interesting things I saw. The lady that sculpted in chicken wire like this,

Also had a couple of life-size dogs and some more political pieces. I liked these pieces which were just explosions of colored wires and plastic bits coming out of picture frames.

This artist starts by putting a yard of chiffon over a stretched canvas, and shapes it and glues it, then paints over it. I said “Oooh it makes me want to touch.” She said, “Yeah, everybody says that.

This artist paints photo-realistic pictures of industrial buildings and abandoned cars, but I was more interested in his absolute wreck of a workbench.

This guy folds pages of printed matter into strips and rolls the strips into huge, tight coils.

That was about it. There was a lecture in the evening. David M. ran the AV, and had some trouble with the audio from a video.

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