3.147 Yosemite, meeting

Thursday 04/28/2022

Tidied the apartment for the cleaning lady, then left for Yosemite, the first time I’ve been to the big CHM warehouse in months. Helped Sherman and Toni to do what the curator Aurora calls, Museum Tetris: moving boxes and artifacts around to different shelves to make more room for other boxes or artifacts.

Left early to be back to CH at 2pm for the important meeting of me and Jerry, with Vanessa the director of IT, and Alonzo, a representative of the A/V vendor that has worked on the A/V systems previously. The purpose was to go over our tentative shopping list for an auditorium upgrade, to hopefully be paid for by the Heritage Circle.

We learned some things, the most shocking of which was from Gerald, the IT staffer, who only that day had been up in the ceiling by our projector and discovered that it was driven by a VGA connection! So it may be a 1080p resolution as I’d thought, but not the best image as VGA is an analog signal.

Vanessa also had us look at a special hardware setup in one of the conference rooms, a hardware extension for Zoom that enhances Zoom Rooms, their video-conferencing system. It had some slick features, but I couldn’t, and still don’t, see the relevancy to the kind of events my committee is concerned with: lectures, concerts, movies and memorials.

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