3.146 lunch, meetings

Wednesday 04/27/2022

Started with a walk, which felt fine. Put the last coat of pink on the T-bird. I know it’s the last because the spray can ran dry. Tamiya says their cans are good for two normal models, I guess they don’t spray multiple coats? Realizing it was going dry, I held the nozzle to the mouth of a small bottle and ran it out of gas. That got me maybe 1cc of liquid paint in the bottle to use for touch-ups.

Then it was time to go the FOPAL volunteer appreciation lunch. This was pretty boring although nicely organized. At the Mitchell Park Library public room, the same place where the CH Strategic Planning Retreat of a month ago was held. Nice lunch, but not very interesting talks by earnest officials of the library and city government.

Back to CH for a 2pm meeting with Gerald of IT and David G, to investigate problems with Macs and the auditorium equipment. This was where newer Macs like mine could see the projector and use it but after three seconds the screen would go black, or flicker. I demonstrated this for Gerald who got a good look at the problem.

Then off to a meeting with Pam, chair of the events committee, who wanted assurance that showing a movie in the auditorium was an A/V event. And to give advice on the Heritage Circle grant process.

Back to my room and find an email from Gerald, would I download DisplayLink from Synaptics Software and try it. So I did, and back to the auditorium et voila! the problem was fixed and my mac had no more problems running the projector. Nice work, Gerald.

At 5pm Harriet picked me up and we went off to a Softball game at Stanford. Sat with her and Lilly, both SWBB fans, watching Stanford beat UOP. Got very cold in the evening breeze.

One of the old books I put on EBay has sold, but apparently I didn’t mark it US shipping only as the buyer (for $75) is in Norway. Now I have to figure out how to ship it there. Normally we use USPS Media Mail but I don’t know if that works outside the USA. Oh, worra worra.

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