3.145 busy beaver

Tuesday 04/26/2022

I was busy busy all day, checking things off my list, adding them and checking those off. Very satisfying day of accomplishment and relief at clearing off a lot of little things that had been pending for a while.

Like oiling the coffee table. You remember my mid-century modern wooden coffee table. Here, let me drop the computer and shoot a picture of it.

First off, there were several items on it that had been there for weeks and needed to be properly discarded, or read, or stowed elsewhere, and I did that. Then it was looking very dry and bleached out, so I spent half an hour rubbing it with beeswax polishing stuff. Looks good again, also neat.

At hourly intervals through the day I was spraying the T-bird model with its pink color. Here it is after 5 light coats. Kind of scuffed because it has now been lightly sanded with 1000-grit. Tomorrow it gets a final couple of coats, then it hardens for a few days. Then it gets chrome and decals, then clear-coat.

Is that pink, or what? Looking ahead there are huge challenges. You see that line of little hash marks behind the front wheel? Supposed to be chrome. The kit contains water slide decals for this but I doubt it will look right, to have a decal with little gray slash marks covering that area. But that is jeweler-level work for metal foil. Or the liquid-chrome pen I have, no way are my hands steady enough to paint the tops of those little slash marks.

Emails about meetings, and meetings that had to be re-scheduled. And things that had to be printed in multiple copies in prep. for other meetings. Anyway, there we are.

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