3.144 model, fopal

Monday 04/25/2022

Went for the standard walk. Like last week, I was “feelin’ it” by the end: feeling like it would be nice to sit on a bench in the last quarter mile.

Got out the 56 T-bird model. Cut all the pieces that need to be body color, off their sprues. Spent an hour going over and sanding off mold marks and making sure everything fits. I’m going to spray the body with the dusky rose I bought, but the dash and top will be white. Off white actually, I’ll use the same eggshell white I put on the VW model. Should be nice. Anyway next job is to wash those parts and clean them with alcohol and then spray them. Maybe tomorrow.

Went down to FOPAL for 2+ hours of sorting and pricing. While I was there, I got a call from the PAMF cardiology department. I’ll see their TAVR expert on May 16th. Sometime before, yet to be scheduled, will be yet another CT with contrast. I pointed out that I had just had an MRI with contrast, and in February a CT with contrast, but the appointment person insisted the doctor would want another covering the whole abdomen and pelvis. That would be the entire road-map for inserting the TAVR, I guess.

After supper there was a concert, a young man with a guitar doing classical stuff. He played well but I didn’t care for the selections so I left early.

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