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Sunday 04/24/2022

Decided to see some softball today. I’d had the Stanford softball schedule open in a browser tab for a couple of weeks. So I bought tickets for a couple of the few games that remain in their season. Today’s game was at 12; and I wanted to be back for a talk by Lennie at 2pm, so I figured to leave the game early, but still there wasn’t time to walk so I drove. Softball is played in a cute little stadium, like a toy version of Sunken Diamond, which it is right next to. The outfield fences are 210 feet away, where at the baseball yard they are 350-400 feet. The Stanford pitcher got off to a rocky start when the first two Arizona batters homered. But that was the end of the ASU scoring, and Stanford finally won, 4-2. I was not there to see that, having left half way through.

For Lenny’s talk I brought along the T-Loop tester, which arrived yesterday. The T-Loop or Induction loop, is the standard interface for hearing aids in the Auditorium. If your hearing aid is new enough or whatever, I really don’t know, it will pick up the room audio coming out of the T-Loop as some kind of signal. But until now the only way we AV techs could know if that was working, was to ask a hearing aid wearer to tell us.

Bert is sure that once upon a time we had multiple T-loop receivers to hand out to people, and then for a while had one set for test purposes, but all that disappeared during the upgrade and pandemic. So I just said, fuck that, and ordered myself one. It’s just a small plastic box with an on/off/volume knob, and a headphone jack, and a lanyard to hang it around your neck, and a cheap pair of headphones.

So I was interested to hear what I’d get and indeed, the loop seems to be working fine. All sound through microphones or elsewise in the audio system, was clearly reproduced in the headphones. So now we can at least test the loop.

I didn’t feel very strong and was thinking maybe I was having an impact from the booster shot? But that was Friday and I felt ok on Saturday. Anyway, I took like 3 naps today in between other activities. But now it’s evening and I feel fine. We’ll see how tomorrow goes.

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