3.142 quiet saturday

Saturday 04/23/2022

Didn’t do too much. In the morning I drove across the bay to what is as far as I can tell, the only functioning hobby store in the Bay Area, in San Leandro. I wanted to find a car model kit that would justify using the “dusty rose” (kinda pink but cooler) spray paint that I bought to do the 1/16 T-Bird model. Then I found out that as a model kit, that stunk, so I gave it away, so had a can of dusty rose spray and no suitable model. So maybe another T-Bird, or even better, a ’69 Cadillac. Well, I did NOT find one of those but did find a 1/24 scale (the usual size) 59 t-bird which will look fine in dusty rose. Also on impulse bought a 1953 Studebaker kit. Gosh that was a lovely design.

So more modeling in the future.

Printed another picture for the picture rail out front. And that was about it for the day. Was invited to supper with Craig and Diane and Trish.

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