3.141 booster, party, play

Friday 04/22/2022

Went for the walk in the morning, and it was ok. My ad-hoc half-keto diet plan is working; my weight today is down 5 pounds from the peak of 2 weeks back. It’ll bounce around but I should be able to go back to normal eating (somewhat modified from before, just one fewer snack a day should eliminate that steady creep-creep rise) in a week or so.

At 10:30, an hour ahead of schedule, they called the sixth floor for the scheduled 2nd Booster shot. I wonder if I’ll feel any effects?

At 4 I went up to 11 to help Kass, who was doing A/V for the 4:30pm TGIF party. No severe problems that we couldn’t work around, but it took some fiddling. That whole system is cobbled together and very complicated.

The TGIF party was the first in over 2 years. They used to be a monthly event, arranged by a different floor each time. This was the 9th floor and they did a nice job.

At 8pm I am attending a performance of Steel Magnolias at the Bus Barn. I bought two season tickets, so at the party I circulated around and invited various people to join me. Unfortunately lots of people already had plans for the evening but finally Mary Ann, the only other Washington State product around, said she’d be glad to join me.

…and oops. They had moved the dates of this show due to Covid, and either didn’t tell me or (very likely) I failed to update my calendar. Anyway, no play tonight. I and Mary Ann had a nice drive over to Los Altos and return, period.

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