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Thursday 04/21/2022

Met with Dr. DiBiase the cardiologist. The MRI of two weeks back has not yet been interpreted. Hmph. Based on my report of moderately more fatigue after benchmark walks, however, and the echo of a month ago which showed increased regurgitation, she said “It’s probably time to take some action.” That would probably be a TAVR but she defers that to the “interventional cardiologist”.

She acknowledged that I had good results with the aortic dissection at Stanford from Dr. Watkins, but she strongly recommended against going back there now. She said there was a nurse’s strike impending, and generally “things aren’t happy over there.” She noted that she had visited their echo lab recently and they were backed up with over 50 echos, in-house ones, waiting to be interpreted.

PAMF has their own interventional cardiology group based out of Sequoia hospital, and I agreed to be referred to them. She told me the name of a doctor but I forget it and she didn’t write it into her after-visit notes. Anyway, I wait to be contacted by them.

Later I went out to buy coffee and some groceries while Wanda tidied my room. Then I completely spaced out and forgot to attend a Strategic Planning meeting at 4pm. Very embarrassed.

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