3.139 laundry, meeting, tech

Wednesday 04/20/2022

Because two weeks ago I moved my laundry reservation (on a magnetic white board in the laundry room) to Tuesday, this week I had to take Wednesday 8am. So first thing up I had to get the laundry started. Then while it ran, I finished my draft of a Heritage Circle grant, complete with shopping list and a diagram of what to install where in the auditorium. I sent it off to Jerry, whose plan it started as, and to Vanessa, who had added to it, for comment.

After lunch I had the FOPAL monthly zoom. Then there was a gap in my schedule so I took the walk I would normally have taken in the morning.

At 4pm I had to meet with John and Frances in the auditorium to advise on them showing a DVD this coming Saturday. Turned out using the Blu-Ray that is built into the equipment rack backstage couldn’t seem to do close captions, so they changed to using a MacBook with a DVD drive.

I had been invited to dine with Cindy and Caroline. Afterward, at 7:30, was to be a concert with a local soprano (at dinner, Caroline talked about her and her family, who go to Caroline’s church). I took a look at the program and passed. Too classic.

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