3.136 docent, dinner

Sunday 04/17/2022

Usual Sunday morning. Took a 1-mile walk. There was a special lunch today, Easter Sunday, but I missed out on it in a fit of pique. I needed to eat early because I had to leave at 1pm, so I went to the dining room at 11:30. Only a few tables active. I sat alone at one of the 8-person “open” tables and waited for someone to take my order. And waited… after ten minutes I decided that I didn’t care that much about the special lunch and went and had a light lunch in my room.

Anyway, out at 1pm to the museum where I led a tour. About 25 people and I kept most of them to the end.

As usual on holidays, supper was a brown bag special. I picked up my bag on the way back in, and at 6pm some of us 6th floor people met in our dining room for a picnic. That was nice.

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