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Saturday 04/16/2022

In the morning I drove over to Safeway and bought some items to support the diet I’m on. I haven’t mentioned dieting. Well, not a big serious thing, but I had put on 5 points since last fall and I want them off. So I’m doing low-carb (aka sloppy keto). Breakfast and lunch are low-carb snacks in my room. When I go to the dining room I have just the protein and salad, like tonight there was chicken, rice, and cooked spinach, and ordered just the chicken and spinach.

At 11 I talked to Patty about the A/V Heritage Circle grant proposal. Good news, the deadline is not 4/30 but 5/24, so much more available time. She knew as did I that the IT manager Vanessa was duty weekend manager, and she shamed me into actually going to the front desk to make an appointment. Vanessa herself was at the desk doing something and we agreed to meet at 2pm.

I spent some time preparing more EBay listings for FOPAL. Here’s one of the three I posted today: https://www.ebay.com/itm/284770277532

Some of my technically challenged neighbors had asked me to turn on the 11th floor TV for the Warrior’s game at 5pm, which I did. Then went down for dinner (aforementioned chicken and spinach) and back to blow my carb quota on crackers and cheese which the Warriors fans had laid out.

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