3.137 meeting, fopal, dinner

Monday 04/18/2022

Took a standard walk, which felt ok, better than the prior two times.

At 10:30 it was time for the Events Committee meeting, to review the calendar for May. Lots of events coming.

After a quick bite I went to FOPAL and spent 3 hours working through 4 boxes of contributions. Don’t know why it took longer than usual. Well, the computer I use was acting up and I had to reboot it. I cannot believe how long Windows 10 (or maybe it’s 11?) takes to boot. Compared to MacOS, that is.

At 4pm it was time for Rhonda’s open meeting, at which she was to review the separate Resident and Staff satisfaction surveys taken some time ago. Taken early in 2021 actually, so not exactly current news. Whatever, I completely forgot this event was happening and missed it. Nothing earth-shaking anyway.

Had dinner with Patty Craig and DIane. Craig assured me that Rhonda’s meeting was wasted time, owing to how Covid changed everything then and since.

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