3.134 managing

Friday 04/15/2022

I made notes on what I did as the day went on because I had a feeling it was going to be busy.

  • First up I worked on the letter to Wells Fargo. Yesterday I sent a draft to Joanne, stupidly as a PDF because I was using Pages on the Mac and she has an old PC. So she had sent me back an email with corrections. I entered all the corrections she wanted, then I exported the letter to .doc form and sent it to her. Hopefully she can open it and she is in charge of it now.
  • Next it was 8:30 and time for my appointment with our CFO Jaisie. There was a mixup, she wasn’t in today, and had expected a telephone appointment. No problem, I called her. I learned a lot about what I wanted to know, namely, how does the Gift Shop do its banking.
  • I wrote an email to Joanne summarizing what I had learned, and how sadly nothing about how the Gift Shop does banking is of any use to the Resident Association after all.
  • I called Bert, mainly to find out why he hadn’t responded to my call for suggestions on what to ask the Heritage Circle Fund for. Well, he’s recuperating from a small operation and is behind in email. We chatted about several things and I learned some useful things.
  • I called David M. about the speaker on Monday. I had told Harry, the event manager, that I would provide Zoom support, not realizing that David M. intended to do the A/V and had advertised the event has having no Zoom. I was pleased about that as it meant I was off the hook for doing A/V on Monday evening. David M. is a smart volunteer and extremely generous with his time so I am not going to complain about anything he does.
  • Now it was time for a walk. Standard walk, and like the previous time, I felt more tired than I recall from earlier. I doubt if I could walk more than 3 miles now.
  • Lunch.
  • Realized I had received the powerpoint file from the presenter for Monday, when I thought I was doing the A/V. Emailed them on to David M.
  • Talked to Jerry about his proposal for the Heritage Circle grant. We decided what to do next, mainly that I would write an email to IT manager Vanessa. We need her approval and support before going on. Later he called with the news that Vanessa is the duty manager this weekend (the staff managers rotate weekend duty) so she will certainly read her email and might even reply or meet in person this weekend.
  • Spent an hour composing a fine email describing the project that we want to do and think the Heritage fund would certainly approve and pay for. Sent it to Vanessa. Then made an abbreviated version and shared it with Jerry, Lennie, Bert and David M, so whoever talks to Vanessa first will know what she has been told.

And that was the bulk of the day. This is what I call manager shit. I will get free of it I swear. It all started when Ian’s wife died and in the aftermath he asked me to take the A/V committee from him, and how could I say no to that? Now Ian goes about free as a bird…

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