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Tuesday 04/12/2022

Since I had no walk yesterday, I took one this morning. Finished without stopping but TBH I have to admit it was more tiring than usual.

The next activity was to walk with Joanne the new Treasurer, to Wells Fargo to try again to get signature authority straightened out. Recall that we went there two weeks ago and were told the kind of letter we would need. I composed the letter and sent a PDF of it to the banker dude. He replied he was passing it up to have the wording approved, and that he would be out of the office until Monday 4/4. All the week of 4/4-8 we got nothing back from him despite me sending two emails.

So yesterday I printed out the letter, which calls for 5 signatures from various current and former officers of the organization, and yesterday evening got those signatures except for Andrew, whom I called this morning and he signed at 9:30 and at 10:30 we were at the bank.

Well, come to find out that Mr. Padilla had been out of the country all week, was only just back, and only now could tell us that no, the wording wasn’t correct. We needed more banker buzzwords and he hand-wrote a template for the letter we really needed.

Joanne tried to talk him around but to no avail. So we get to do a new letter and get more signatures. And Joanne has a bunch of medical appointments this week so the next time we can go over there will be next week.

Meantime I have made an appointment with the Channing House CFO to learn more about how the Gift Shop does their banking through Channing House. If this works out, then it could be the next thing we do at WFB is close the account entirely. Which would be very satisfying.

I took a tech squad call to Susan, who is one of my favorite neighbors anyway. Her Mac Mail app was behaving very strangely, and when she tried to reboot she would get a message “Restart canceled by Mail.app”. Yeah well I know how to deal with apps like that. I taught her the 3-finger salute, command-option-escape that brings up the app killing dialog. Force-quit Mail, reboot, start Mail, all is well. Strange behaviors gone.

Later I checked out the microphone equipment on the 11th floor because very belatedly we were asked to provide AV support for an event on Friday. This Friday. On Monday. Grump.

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