3.130 meetings

Monday 04/11/2022

Couldn’t go for a walk because there was a Resident Association meeting at 9am and I’m too lazy to get started walking early enough to be back by 9am. The meeting was informative but no bombshells. I was relieved to see CEO Rhonda taking the staff question time; she’s been invisible around here for a couple of weeks and I start to worry, is she on the way out? But apparently not. One of the things she talked about was the difficulty of recruiting new staff to fill in the many resignations we’ve had lately.

After a quick bite I went down to FOPAL for the post-sale processing day. First, count all the books, and report the pre- and post-sale counts. My section moved about 60 books, about 15% of the total stock.

Next, triage. Look at every one of the 350-odd books still on the shelves and decide whether to leave them as is, or reduce the price written in the flyleaf, or to give up on the book and send it to the bargain room. I sent 3 boxes to the bargain room, books that had been on the shelf for at least 3 sale days and been price-reduced to $2.

Finally, process the single box of new donations waiting, pricing and shelving about 10 books.

Back home in time for a nap before the 4:45 Sixth Floor Meeting. Just about all the 6th floor people showed up. We congratulated ourselves on being the best floor in the building, which I think is true, a really nice bunch of people and no duds. Went over a few business items and then all went down to dinner together.

Oh, yesterday’s drip-drip runny nose? All dried up again. So did I have a one-day rhinovirus? Or was there one day of especially heavy pollen, and today’s morning sprinkles washed it all down?

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