3.132 busy busy

Wednesday 04/13/2022

Today I spent time before and after lunch, creating Ebay listings for 3 vintage manuals. This involved taking pictures of their covers, title pages, a representative inner pages, processing those pics to look nice and square and readable, and writing the listings.

In between, at 10am I went up to 11 and met with Kass. She is going to do the AV thing for two different events, on this Friday and next. She had not operated the 11th floor stuff before. Just a few months ago I had written to IT manager Vanessa how bad these systems were. Since then the IT people have been busy because stuff is fixed and working again.

After lunch I created a new “Pro” Vimeo account for storing resident videos. I passed the admin duties to Lennie and Jerry, and Jerry said he would get right on it uploading the many videos (recorded Zoom meetings mostly) that haven’t been available.

At 3pm I met with Lennie in the auditorium to try her relatively new Macbook Air using the projector. It failed exactly like my new MacBook Pro fails: fine picture for 2-3 seconds then black. Informative but not helpful. I am going to be doing a zoom session this coming Monday and will have to use my 5-year-old MacBook again, and bypass all the stuff that IT has installed.

Patty is urging me to have the AV committee submit a grant request for something to the Heritage Circle. Think big, she says, not little thousand-dollar projects. Just what I need, another project to manage.

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