3.129 sniffly Sunday

Sunday 04/10/2022

I am not usually affected by pollen, but yesterday and today my nose has just… well if my legs could run as well as my nose, I’d be Usain Bolt. Ruined a lot of kleenex.

At 9am I drove down to FOPAL to tidy up my section, as usual for the Sunday of a sale weekend. People get books from other sections and leave them on my shelves. Why?

On return I brought up from the car, a box of ancient computer manuals. These were books that I didn’t think would sell in my section, and also didn’t fit what I think of as the demographic of the Vintage Computer Fest. And although I think they should be valuable, they are so rare that you can’t find any comparables at Bookfinder.com, so our high value section won’t take them. Which leaves only trying to sell them myself, on EBay.

This box was dropped off at my section with a note from someone named Nancy, and I’m not sure which Nancy it was. And I’ve been dithering over it for weeks. Well today at least I inventoried it. There’s one from 1991, one from 1980, and all the rest are 1970 or earlier. Control Data FORTRAN Reference Manual from 1964 is the earliest. Bunch of IBM manuals from the mid-1960s.

Later on, I took my M1 Macbook Pro to the auditorium and again tried to connect it to the hardware there. And again failed. Well, improved it. From the projector screen going black after two seconds, now I have the image remaining but flickering every 1-2 seconds. Blinkety blink. This is actually progress, because I find quite a few complaints online about M1 Macbooks making external monitors flicker. So I can hope Apple will fix this someday.

Meantime, the way IT has set up the hardware, I can’t use any of my Macs to do a hybrid zoom.

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