3.128 flea market, sports

Saturday 04/09/2022

First thing I drove to Sunnyvale to check out the electronics flea market run by a local ham radio organization. The point was, was it a place where FOPAL could sell books? I wrote a note to interested parties after, about the small amount of book selling I saw. Turns out, Allen, a volunteer at FOPAL and also at CHM, was planning to sell some books there himself, but by the time he arrived at 6am, they had already sold all the vendor slots and he couldn’t get in.

From there I went to a Safeway and bought a few groceries, then came home but parked on the street as I meant to go out again. Took a break for lunch then drove over to the Stanford campus for “cardinalpalooza”, a day when several sports were happening and tickets were free. I watched men’s tennis for a while, the first time I’d been in the tennis arena. Then I wandered through the “family-friendly” stuff on the plaza, and to the baseball stadium where I watched part of a game.

That was about it for the day.

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