3.127 clerical, managing

Friday 04/08/2022

Went for a walk. Then fiddled around tidying up the taxes. Printed my estimated tax vouchers, and made an addressed stamped envelope for each of the four. Wrote the check for the April one. Put the folder of 2021 tax documents away in the box with the last decade’s folders.

At 2:30 I joined David M in the auditorium where he was experimenting with the setup for a Sunday event. There is a new piece of equipment: the IT staff have added a powered dock that integrates the sound and video. All he has to do is plug in one USB-C and his PC sees two alternative screens. So now you have a three-monitor setup, your laptop’s screen is one; a separate monitor is one; and the projection screen is your third. This makes it possible to manage a Zoom host screen on the laptop, prepare visuals on the monitor, and then slide a selected visual onto the projector screen. Nice and quite a bit simpler than before.

Except when I tried it with my new Macbook Pro, it didn’t work. The same problem I ran into before, the Mac sees the other screens, but after a few seconds, the projector screen goes black. Later in the day I installed an OS update. Tomorrow I will try again; maybe the updated OS (or just the reboot) will have made a difference.

Much emailing back and forth on the issue of whether we should have a resident Vimeo account. Decided not to discuss it at the RA meeting on Monday.

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