3.126 managing, lunch

Thursday 04/07/2022

Notice please that on 3.122, one-third of the year was behind us. Just sayin.

Today I went out for a bit of a walk and to deposit a check at the bank. Then I buckled down to a bunch of work. Primarily, creating a new residents-owned Zoom account and passing the information on how to log into it, to the people who will be using it. In the course of this, came my tax filing info from the accountants, so I was saving files in logical places, and doing e-signing of documents and so on. There is still some dumb clerical work for me to do which I put off to tomorrow.

I went out to meet Scott and Tom for lunch at Pro Bono. Unfortunately, Tom didn’t show. I was complaining to Scott that all the complicated stuff I was doing felt like being stuck in a first-line manager job. I really got to work clear of the decision-making processes around here. I want to be busy, but with the kind of practical work I enjoy: sorting books at FOPAL, documenting new acquisitions at CHM. Not trying to get people’s opinions sorted out and making decisions and writing endless emails.

Among the emails was another bombshell from staff: would the residents like to have their own Vimeo account on the same basis as the Zoom account? That is, that they’d reimburse us for the first year if we could commit to funding it from then on. More decisions: who would pay, who would manage the account and upload shit to it? More emails to compose and send to a different set of people.

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