3.125 outing to Point Reyes

Wednesday 04/06/2022

Today I had organized an outing for four of us: me, sister in law Jean, and 6th floor neighbors Patty and Carolyn. I was going to drive us in the Prius, but since Carolyn has a new Chevy Bolt, we took that. I drove part of the way, my first experience driving and all electric car. The Bolt is nice, a small somewhat hard-riding little sedan. Or I guess, mini-SUV or hatchback. Anyway it was fully charged when we started, showing 260 miles of range, and still had over 50 left on return.

Where we went was to Point Reyes National Seashore, in northern Marin County. The original plan was to go for a walk on some trail near the visitor center, then find lunch and return. However we got a bit lost — how do you get lost in this day and age? The car didn’t have GPS so we were using phones, and around Bolinas there was no phone service. So we took one wrong turn. Anyway by the time we got to Point Reyes there were enough hungry people that we went for lunch first. Then we found that all the restaurants and delis in Point Reyes were closed on Wednesdays, so we ended up getting our walkies going up and down the one main street. Finally found the bakery was selling pizza and calzones.

Then back to the very nice visitor center, and two of us, me and Patty, went for a walk on their shortest loop trail. Jean poked around in her usual fashion finding weeds and Carolyn chilled in the center. Then back home.

Tomorrow I have a lunch date with Scott and Tom, and a list of things to accomplish in the morning.

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