3.124 meetings, baseball

Tuesday 04/05/2022

I haven’t done any work at Zooniverse for a while so this morning I did an hour of that. At 10:45 was the writers meeting. I had no contribution but there were several striking essays by my neighbors on the theme, “out of the blue”.

In the afternoon I worked with Joanne on passing the Treasurer info. We are both highly annoyed with our supposed personal banker at Wells Fargo who appears to have gone completely silent. I tried to call him but the number on his card seems to be a general number for that branch. Nobody picked up and the call went to a message, “None of the bankers at this branch can help you at this time” and suggesting to call the general WF customer service number. Don’t. It leads to menu-tree hell and when I got through to a live person, they were “in the call center” (where?) and had no idea how to reach anyone. We just have to get away from that bank.

I am further annoyed with Joanne’s laptop, although I didn’t say so to her. I had made a nice spreadsheet, a cash journal, and it had three “sheets”, for the transactions in each of three calendar years. This was in Numbers, the MacOS app. Joanne of course has a quite old HP laptop running I don’t know what version of Windows. What I know is, the exported version of the workbook shows only the first of three sheets and we could not find how to make it display the other two, assuming they had even survived through the export process. I personally think that she is running a very old and flaky version of Excel but that’s not my problem. She requests that I print the three pages. Ohhhh-kaaaay, fine.

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