3.103 tech, meeting, social

Tuesday 03/15/2022

Last night I went downstairs to the auditorium and tried out the tech for bringing room audio into zoom, and it all worked the way I thought it should. So this morning while drinking my coffee I wrote to my AV gang documenting that. Later in the morning I went down again and tried out a different and better method, and came back up and documented that.

Then it was time for a meeting of the Strategic Planning Committee, preparing for the Board Retreat this Saturday, which I am supposed to attend. There’s a good Saturday ruined… well, no, actually it could be quite interesting. We’ll see.

Next I joined the writers group in progress. When asked if I’d written anything for them I could honestly say I’ve been writing my ass off, but all in emails for the AV crew.

That over, I got a hasty lunch in the dining room and went to FOPAL where I completed the work that I left unfinished yesterday, owing to not feeling very well then (feel fine today). FOPAL had been deluged with donations yesterday it seems, the sorting area filled with many boxes and bags. So after I finished fixing up my section, which took under an hour, I spent another hour doing sorting. Haven’t done sorting in a while; it’s a fun task.

Then it was time to drive over to meet sister-in-law Jean for coffee, near her church in Mountain View. Pleasant chat reviewing all the various relatives. I meant to ask her about whether she is missing the iPhone I took away from her months ago, promising to upgrade it (I’ve been dithering over that for months). But I forgot to bring it up.

I didn’t feel hungry this evening, anyway had eaten a decent lunch and a giant fudge brownie at Starbucks, so had a minimal cheese sandwich for supper.

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