3.102 meeting, fopal, tech

Monday 03/14/2022

First thing was the RA meeting, our next big attempt at hybrid auditorium/zoom meetings.

President Carol steps over to check on progress. David G. sets a mic level on the mixer board, David M. checks something. On the left, Gerald, of the IT staff, is moving a mic stand.

From the standpoint of the about 75 people in the auditorium, the meeting went well. I’m told the remote attendees had bad audio. The only way, I’m told, that David G. could get audio out to zoom was to unmute one of the two laptops he was using, so the room audio could go acoustically through it to zoom. That is not how it is supposed to work! I was there but not directly involved and didn’t realize what was happening.

After the meeting, David G. and John M. worked together trying to solve that problem and tried to get John ready to host the next big deal, Judge Cordell on the 21st. David G. wrote to the AV team that he had not been able to solve the audio issues. I don’t understand the goddam issue. There are not one but two electrical feeds of room audio that could be piped in to a laptop. I need to go down there and do some tests.

After that, I zipped back to my room and made some phone calls trying to get somebody to do simple A/V for the Hearing Support group on Tuesday. They put in a request just a couple days ago — there is supposed to be a month’s lead time for such requests. So I got somebody on the second try.

During these phone calls I got a sudden wave of vertigo. Not bad but enough to make me feel ill. Nevertheless, I needed to go to FOPAL for post-sale cleanup, which I did. Took my post-sale count and tidied the shelves, then came on back and sat down in my easy chair and had a two-hour nap, after which I felt better.

Then I figured out the answer to a nagging problem. The system for online event support, online EPFs (event planning forms) has finally started working. Whenever somebody files an EPF that requests audio/visual support (most but not all of them), I get an email copy. What to do with the emails? In the old days, the EPF was a paper form that I’d get in my cubby in the mail room. Once a month we would have a committee meeting and distribute the EPFs into the hands of the members who volunteered to support a given event. How to do it now?

I had set up an online spreadsheet, a Google Sheet, listing summary info for all the events, and today I realized that you can insert a “note” — any text document — into a cell of a Google Sheet. So now I just copy the contents of the emailed EPF and paste it into the Notes column of the sheet in the row for that event. And it’s there for review by anybody. And the major point, out of my in-box.

Then I wrote comments on Bert’s proposal for video equipment. And that brought us to supper time. I was going downstairs alone, standing by the elevator, and decided on a whim to walk down the hall and knock on the door of Leon and Margaret and see if they were going to dinner. They were, and with Cindy we had a nice table for four.

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