3.104 meetings

Wednesday 03/16/2022

Went for a standard walk first thing. Felt well and strong, yay.

At 10am I held a meeting of the A/V support team in my 6th floor lounge area. We talked at length about hybrid zooms, what we’d learned etc. Yesterday morning I had tested a second way to get room audio into zoom and told them it worked. Later, David M. had tried it and says it had not worked. We also discussed at length what more equipment we need and how to get it from Vanessa, the rather uncommunicative IT manager.

Then we went to the auditorium so I could show them the second way worked — and it did not. What the hell… I swear to god it worked yesterday but today… no.

I am committed to running a hybrid zoom Saturday, David M. on Sunday, and the big Judge Cordell one on Monday.

After lunch it was time for the monthly FOPAL section manager’s zoom. Nothing new there.

Spent the rest of the day being quiet, reading and watching YT videos and real TV.

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