3.086 Senior day

Saturday 02/26/2020

The main event today was the last Stanford Women’s basketball game of the season, at noon. I had invited Dennis to join me. He arrived early. Patty also came for the ride. We had hot dogs at the arena and sat down to watch. This was a game versus UW who currently rank last in the PAC-12, so I was expecting an easy win, maybe a blowout. Nope. Washington put up a good defense and hit over 40% of their shots, while Stanford had a dismal shooting day, under 30% most of the game. The game was tied at the half and Stanford looked in serious danger of losing with two minutes to go.

They finally took a one-point lead at 1:03 on a brilliant steal by Anna Wilson. On their next possession the Huskies failed to score, so by normal basketball strategy, they had to foul in order to get possession back. Stanford made one free throw; UW got the ball and again couldn’t score, so fouled again. In the end Stanford won by 7 points, of which the last 6 were free throws.

Later, I didn’t like the look of the dinner menu so I walked out to a new restaurant, Coconuts, Caribbean food. I had a big plate of jerk chicken and plantains, quite good.

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