3.087 docent, meeting

Sunday 02/27/2022

Had breakfast in the dining room. Tidied, watered the plants, did the puzzle, then killed time until 11 when I let for the Museum, where I was scheduled for the noon public tour.

Gave a successful tour, I guess they liked it because three people wanted to take selfies with me.

Got back just in time for the first ever zoom simulcast, where they had a meeting in the auditorium and used the auditorium ceiling camera to show the speaker on zoom also. Complicated to set up. Further complicated because the speaker, David G, wanted to show things off his computer and fumbled it a bit. But it worked in all. David G speaking, David M running the complicated Zoom setup, David C in the audience but I brought my laptop and had the zoom meeting on it, with the audio going to my airpods in my ears. There’s a delay of about one second between David G saying something over the room audio, and his voice in my ears. That’s how long it takes for the audio to go to Zoom, turn around, come back over the network to my laptop.

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