3.085 quiet day

Friday 02/25/2020

Went for a walk first thing. That was fine. Shortly after I got back, I returned some pills. I was taken off Clopidogrel weeks ago. At that time I put the bottle of remaining tablets on my coffee table, to remind me to turn it in on one of the many scheduled times when the nurses office accepts unwanted meds. And there it has sat for weeks while I forget to take care of it. Finally yesterday the daily calendar email noted that unwanted meds could be returned 10-12 today and I actually did it.

Also today I printed a couple of new pictures for my picture rail, using my newly designed photo “matte” image. This looks like a nicely cut gray cardboard matte but it is just an image I created out of basic colors and a linen texture image I picked up off the internet. I also ordered some better 11×14 and 11×17 frames.

That was about that. Early to bed to read.

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