3.084 meeting, SWBB

Thursday 02/24/2022

Went to the gym in the morning. Worked on printing a couple of pictures for the hallway. Mainly worked on trying to create a digital matte so I can print pictures that are wide, on paper like 8.5×11 or 11×14, that is not as wide, without having big white borders.

I also went through the CHM volunteer calendar and signed up for things for the next couple of weeks. Basically I’m doing one docent round a week, and one day working on artifacts. Pretty much like two years ago.

At 2pm, when Wanda was due to clean the room, I walked out to two banks, Wells Fargo to deposit a check for the RA, and then on to SFCU to deposit a check for me.

At 4pm it was time for the Channing House Board to meet on Zoom. I had to attend as a member of the strategic planning committee, as our consultant was presenting. Our consultant has assembled some marketing info that I deeply disagree with but wasn’t asked about so I kept quiet. A couple of board members clearly didn’t buy it either.

At 7 it was time to go to the SWBB game which unusually, was at 8pm. Five of us shared Lennie’s car. The team did not play in dominant fashion. However they pulled out a ten point lead in the first quarter, and the game ended a long time later with Stanford still ahead 10 points. In other words the two teams scored exactly the same rate for 3 quarters. Oh well, a win is a win.

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