3.078 emails, baseball, basketball

Friday 02/18/2022

Took a shortish walk in the morning. For much of my free time this day, I was engaged in trying to arrange things via email. Different things: a meeting of the AV committee, a trip to the City to see a concert, etc. In the course of this I killed several items on my to-do list.

I noted that today at 2pm was opening day for Stanford Baseball and decided to go. Then I thought to invite Dennis to join me. Which he was able to do. So we watched a ball game. Stanford scored one run in the bottom of the first inning, and that was all the scoring there was, all goose-eggs the rest of the way.

After a few more emails it was time to watch the Stanford Women playing at Oregon State. The Beavers hung around and hung around, Stanford leading by 7 or 9 or so through three quarters, never able to pull away. Then in the middle of the fourth, Hannah Jump hit two threes in quick succession and that demoralized OSU and Stanford ended up winning by 20 or so.

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