3.079 dish, av tech

Saturday 02/19/2020

About 8:30 I realized I had no plans at all for the morning. I could take one of my usual walk routes, or I could start the tax workbook. Or I could get the heck out of the apartment. Good, but where? My mind did the magical thing where all kinds of quantum possibilities weave around the synapses and coalesce into a decision: Walk The Dish. Taking Lyft.

The Stanford Dish is a big radio telescope antenna in the hills, and the Dish walk is a very popular paved walking trail that starts and ends at a gated trailhead where there is limited parking that is always full. But I just hopped out of my Lyft, sneered at the full parking spaces, and walked on in. The walk is a bit under 3 miles, with several long uphill grades. It felt harder to do than I remember my last time around (which was day 2.173, May 2021).

The scheduled activity for the day was to meet with Jerry, Ian, and David M in the auditorium to try to actually set up a Zoom simulcast. Which, over the course of two intense hours of fiddling and debugging, we pretty much did. One problem was that suddenly and for no obvious reason, the audio mixing panel wasn’t working. But much progress was made, thanks to Jerry’s research into the camera system and David M’s expertise in hosting Zoom meetings.

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