3.077 model, meeting

Thursday 02/17/2022

Went down to the gym first thing. Paced myself very carefully. It is really difficult doing exercises when you are on heavy beta-blockers because you get none of the usual signals of exertion, you don’t sweat, your heart doesn’t speed up. You just get a general sense of fatigue at a certain point, and you stop and wait a bit. Annoyingly, the machines usually keep a count of your reps, but if you stop for more than about 30 seconds, they zero the count. No no, I’m just resting, I’m not done…

Off and on through the morning I worked on doing the last bits of the VW model. You can’t work steadily. Once you glue a delicate part on, you have to let it sit and cure for a while before you pick it up to do another part.

Wanda came to clean my unit about 1:30, so I headed out for an hour. For lack of a better place I went down to FOPAL and processed two boxes of books out of six that were waiting. Headed back at 2:30 because I needed to read the material for the 4pm meeting of the Strategic Planning committee. This was where our consultant went through the slides she planned to show to the Board next week and got comments. I contributed a few comments although I mostly sat quiet.

After supper, though, I wrote up three pages of constructive ideas I had and sent them to Marcia, who chairs that committee. Don’t know if they fit what she wants to see.

Anyway, the VW model is done. Parts of it are really good. There are a number of flaws. But from 3 feet away, it looks alright. I will finish with some pictures.

The front wheels are articulated.
The rear hood opens to reveal a detailed engine

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