3.073 stuff, SWBB

Sunday 02/13/2022

Did my usual Sunday morning things. Also paid a couple of bills and added a couple of bits to the VW. Also wrote a nasty note. I had received a mailed promotional “survey” from some outfit calling itself Trident Cremations (an obvious attempt to rip off the reputation of the Neptune Society), supposedly requesting opinions on cremations. So why not just trash it along with all the other stuff I throw away? Because the pricks had addressed it to “Marian Cortesi” at this address. So these creeps have probably been trawling through the Cal DMV records and picked up where her name is still on our car registration as one of the two owners. I hand-wrote on their form, Thank you so much for reminding me of the death of my wife who died in 2018 and never lived at this address. I’m sure if she were still here she would have scornful things to say about your sleazy marketing methods. When I put it in the business reply envelope I noticed that the return address was not Trident Cremations in California, but some crematorium association in Chicago.

At 11 I drove with Lennie to Maples pavilion for Stanford v. Colorado. Of the four or five who have been car-pooling, Martha likes to walk to day games, David G. went on his bike, and Patty opted to go to the ballet in SF instead. So just me and Lennie.

Stanford was bothered by the Buffaloes’ pressing and energetic defense. They maintained a slim lead until near the half when Colorado actually got ahead by 1 point. Whatever Tara said at half time worked, because in the second half Stanford re-established its lead and extended it to win by 20 or so.

This was the day of the Superb Owl but my interest in it was of a size that if you put it in the navel of a gnat, it would rattle around.

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