3.069 laundry, meetings, SWBB

Wednesday 02/09/2022

In the morning I contemplated a walk, but just didn’t feel good. No temperature, no specific pains, just felt “few”. Vaguely tired and unwell. So I drove to the store to buy a few grocery items, then did my laundry starting at 10am.

At 2pm it was time for the resident association executive committee meeting. Discussed various things. The only real news was that some restrictions are being loosened, although not all.

Simultaneously the Stanford Women were playing Oregon State. This was televised so I could record it for playback later.

At 3pm I attended a zoom meeting in which the speaker was one Jitze Couperus, showing a selection of pictures taken from a light plane over the Bay Area. I was unimpressed; everything he showed I had seen one time or another, on arriving or departing in a commercial flight.

Then I could squeeze in the basketball game (Stanford won by 20 or so) until it was time for the 4:45 6th floor floor-meeting. For once pretty nearly everyone showed up, although there was no particular news to share and due to covid, no refreshments. But it was nice to meet as a group instead of on zoom.

By evening I was feeling fine. I hope that continues to tomorrow.

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