3.070 yosemite, meeting

Thursday 02/10/2022

I did feel normal this morning. I went for a shorter than usual walk. Then at noon, I drove across the bay to the Yosemite warehouse for some artifact work. First time there in a while. Helped to construct custom-fitted boxes for artifacts that are to be loaned out to the City Museum of New York.

Left early in order to be back for a 4pm zoom meeting. Last week we had the annual official Board meeting and Treasurer’s report. A small group of residents drew some wrong conclusions from the (admittedly somewhat confusing) numbers that were presented, and raised some rather hostile questions.

Today’s meeting was the response to that by the staff and the Board. Just holding such a meeting was really quite an impressive display of responsiveness. This place is not run in a top-down corporate fashion. Well as I’ve noted before, it’s full of retired doctors, university provosts, and managers.

Anyway they went through the numbers in detail showing that we’ve been making a reasonable and expected rate of return from the various funds and endowments. Comments after were of the nature of “well if you’d just shown us those details before…” So that flap is settled.

Tomorrow is a large day: CT scan in the morning, follow-up with surgeon (who last time said, if this part keeps spreading we will need to put in another stent); and a basketball game in the evening.

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