3.068 delegating, meeting, old phone

Tuesday 02/08/2022

Went to the gym first thing. Halfway through my second round my body seemed to say “enough” so I bailed. I also had nothing for the writers group at 11, although I listened and applauded other people as usual.

Last night and this morning I was calling exchanging emails to set up yet another speaker meeting. This is something I had let slide, I thought somebody else was handling it. But one of my neighbors, Lennie, came up like a hero to host the meeting on short notice.

In the afternoon I set out to do something I have been putting off for weeks, namely, to go to the T-Mobile store and upgrade my phone. I have two numbers, one in an iPhone 5 that Jean was using. Actually not using very much. And my iPhone SE second generation has problems inside our building. So the idea was, to replace the SE with an iPhone 13, which has 5G ability and hopefully better antennas. Then replace the little old iPhone 5 with the SE.

Unfortunately Shirley the teenage clerk (ok, maybe she’s 21, but very young) had bad news: upgrading to an iPhone 13 would cost $800. (Checking the t-mobile website now, yes, it says $799.) I had been tricked by some kind of tricky wording on a T-mobile TV commercial that I heard, something about “iPhone 13 is on us”. I wonder what it really said.

Anyway I couldn’t accept $800 for a hypothetical improvement in service. So I thanked Shirley for her time and left.

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