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Monday 02/07/2022

Opened the day with a normal walk, which went fine. On the return let I stopped at Ace Hardware. My bedside lamp uses two little halogen bulbs and one had burned out last night. This morning I took it out and used the internet (of course) to work what kind it was (T4 shape, G9 base, 120V 35W). I could have ordered a couple from bulbs.com, but I thought I would give the local store a shot, and they came through; they had almost the same bulb, 40W instead of 35 which is fine.

Next up was a Book Talk by a visiting fellow at the Hoover Institute at Stanford, Nils Karlson. As AV committee chair it was my job to set this up, which I had done by arranging with Veronica to open a meeting on the house Zoom account, and arranging with David G. to be the host, which he does very ably for other big meetings. Delegation is my skill. So I had to attend, although the subject didn’t interest me much. Karlson’s book is about how two different modern democracies, Sweden and Australia, had both implemented serious economic reforms in the 90s and 00s. It had nothing to offer current politics as far as I could tell. I asked how his analysis would work for Brexit and he said he is working on a book on Brexit now.

As soon as that was over I headed down to FOPAL to process 6 boxes of books. On return I could relax for an hour and then it was time for the second meeting of the day. This was the first of two meetings where the staff responds to resident complaints. This one was about the recently announced increase in the garage rates from 65/mo to 90/mo which had produced a lot of complaints, I think more because it was announced rather suddenly without any kind of survey or preparation. It turns out that parking is a major issue in several ways. The City has greatly reduced the number of employee street parking permits that businesses can get. Quite a few employees cannot use public transport (I know one commutes from Gilroy) although we reimburse public transit fare use. So quite frankly the raise is hoped to motivate a few people to give up their underutilized cars, allowing more employees to park inside.

Monthly parking in a covered secure location runs a lot higher than $90/mo and I feel quite fortunate to have the space I do and will happily pay the increase.

Food today was three Keto Chow shakes. My weight has been steadily creeping up over the past two months and I am going back on the keto diet for a week or two to knock it down again.

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