3.065 doin’ stuff

Saturday 02/05/2022

Started the day by taking a modest walk and of course stopping at the farmers market. Brought home a giant pastry and a bottle of organic apple juice. I put those aside, except for a couple of bites, for later. I had signed up to do trays in the 6-7pm slot, with my own tray scheduled for 6:45. So I would have a long gap and used the pastry and juice for a gap-stop or early Tea.

I did some paperwork but did not, as I had planned, take a first look at the tax accountant’s online workbook. Reason, Schwab won’t have all my various statements ready before the end of the month. It’s a good excuse.

I did quite a bit of work on the VW model. After lunch I did some gardening. I chopped back the big dragon-wing begonias as I do each spring. And a month ago, Jean gave me a begonia in a pot off her back porch. This thing has been in the same pot for 40 years, she said; do what you want with it. It didn’t look very well, kind of stunted and brown-edged. Well, today I popped it out of its pot — it did not have a solid big root-ball, to my surprise — and stuck it into a much larger pot. Either it will die, or it will burst into vigorous new life. Or maybe it will just sit there, you never know with plants.

At 6 I went down and joined Lily handing out trays. When mine came out of the kitchen at 6:30, she shooed me away saying she had it. So I went up and watched some olympics, although I don’t feel much involved in them.

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