3.064 tech, fopal, meeting

Friday 02/04/2022

First thing, I went to the gym for the first time in a couple of weeks. Paced myself carefully; it went ok.

At 9am I was to meet with Gloria. She is giving a talk on Sunday, on zoom, planning to share a powerpoint presentation. I did not want to see her fumbling around like I have seen so many people do, and wanted to walk her through the process of sharing her presentation. Sure enough, she only knew how to make the powerpoint do a slide show, as a full-screen show. Which would have left her floundering at the point the host said, share your screen, because she’d have started the slide show and it would fill the screen, hiding the zoom window with the “share” button!

So we worked out how to make a powerpoint slide show play inside a window, and then the tricky bit where you click Share and it pops up a window with miniatures of all your windows and you have to pick which one to share. She’d never seen that and it would have thrown her. But now she knows.

I was to have taken a tech squad call at 10, but that person had left me a message saying it was all ok now, don’t bother. Good. That meant I was now free to take the Smalltalk book down to FOPAL, to a part I’d never been in, the “annex” which is a workroom off the Children’s section, which is in a different building. There I met with Lisa whose volunteer work is selling on eBay and mailing sold items. She walked me through the process of mailing the book to its new owner.

Then it had to be dropped off at a post office; she recommended I just leave it at the UPS office in Midtown, very convenient to my route home. So I also stopped there for a smoothie and a cookie. Haven’t been in that cafe for a year or so.

There was a lot of email back and forth to deal with, about an event happening Monday. And I did a bit of work on the VW model. There’s a lot to do, but it’s coming together. Here’s the interior.

I am particularly pleased by the red release buttons on the seat-belt latches, which are about 1/8 inch by 1/32nd inch. The thing is, when it is complete you would have to peer in through a side window the size of your thumbnail to see this interior at all.

At 4pm Rhonda held a Covid-status zoom meeting. They are beginning to see the light; down to only 3 staff out for quarantine. As a result they will reopen the dining room, but only for breakfast and lunch. They still don’t have enough people to handle dinner as well; that will continue to be order online and carry out. Which means I get to make another week’s sign-up sheet for tray dispensing volunteers. I did that after supper.

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